paisleypainbow:Five Reasons There Shouldn’t Be A Men’s Roller Derby

This article was shared by a girl on my team and its about why mens roller derby shouldn’t exist. Mens derby is awesome. Here is my opinion.

1. “There are already enough sports filled with brawny dudes beating their chests and throwing each other around.”

So what. It would be stupid to not let men participate in a sport just because its a ‘womens sport’. Just as it would be stupid to not let women participate in sports that are mainly a mens sport. Lets not discriminate yo.

2. “The possibilities of men’s roller derby outfits are horrid.”

Derby isn’t about outfits. Yeah, outfits are cool, but thats not what derby is about. And women have had plenty of horrid derby outfits. Have you not seenFilthy McNasty rocking the green tights?? or Justice Feel Good Marshall and his skirts?? fucking awesome outfits.

3. “The smell.”

Derby is gonna smell regardless of gender. If there is a girl that doesnt smell like stank after a bout, she hasn’t been skating her hardest.

4. “There are enough pun names in the world already.”

Derby names are part of the fun! How boring would derby be if all the guys played by their real names? Girls shouldn’t get to be the only skaters with good names!

5. “There are no illusions of grace.”

Again. Justice. Feel. Good. Marshall. Watching this man skate is like watching a unicorn give birth to rainbows! Yeah, some men are not graceful at all, but there are quite a few ladies I know who aren’t graceful either.

I think this article is an uneducated opinion of mens derby and I advise whoever wrote it to go see some mens derby. I love me some mens derby.