"Make my house as your home. But remember : you’re in MY house !"

— A wise man.

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"You can tell a lot about a women by her hands. For instance, if they’re placed around your throat, she’s probably slightly upset."

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"This is the X-Grip. It’s called the X-Grip because things that start with X are always awesome. Xylophone players get all the chicks for this very reason."

— The Frogman.

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"Nous débarquons, le regard vainqueur - c’est-à-dire passablement ivres - dans les cloaques à la mode que nous regrettons de fréquenter. Très vite, il est deux heures du matin, l’heure où quelqu’un d’intelligent va se coucher. Pour moi, c’est celle où débutent mes maux de crâne du lendemain et où je commence à ressentir de l’affection pour plein de gens que je ne connais pas…"

Nicolas Bedos.

"You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life."

Winston Churchill

"The problem with quotes on Internet, is that we are never sure of their origin."

— Victor Hugo.

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"I don’t believe you go to Heaven when you’re good. Everything goes to Hell anyway…"

— Tom Waits.


Frank Zappa quote. 


Frank Zappa quote.